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We source the best creator videos and games that call us to play! When people invite us into their living rooms and give us their attention, it’s our job to make them feel good.


You can find PlayWorks games and video channels on all the leading Connected TV providers including: Comcast, AT&T, ROKU, Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Amazon.


The PlayWorks network provides creators access to 70M+ potential viewers and uses cutting edge ad delivery to monetize their message.

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PlayWorks was one of the first to understand how best to engage viewers in the Connected TV space, through games & videos. Partners include industry leaders such as  Comcast, Sky, Vizio, LG, Roku, and Samsung. We also provide proprietary tech for real time monetization and content synchronization. Our carefully curated content from partners like SSundee, Tankee, and Ninja Kidz TV inspires, engages, and calls us to play more.


Linear Channels

The TV revolution is now!
Stream the PlayWorks suite of TV Channels on your Smart TV or streaming device today!

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We live by our values



All of the natural world plays. Adults play. Animals play. Kids play. Yet, it's easy to discount its importance. Playgrounds learning. Imagination, creativity, and education are all byproducts of play. Play is how we learn rules. In fact, societies depend on our ability to “play well together”. Play lets us step into others shoes and frees us to get creative and imagine what can be. Play teaches us to be human and is fundamental to happiness. We want you to be happy. Go play. And play some more.



We celebrate the people that consistently choose creativity as their contribution. These bold humans are compelled to create, educate, and inspire, no matter the costs. They are the ones that leave it all on the floor. They are the last ones standing in the ring, dusty and beaten yet emboldened with their message. They are the ones that stride and swagger with the confidence of someone on a mission to rock the world with their unique expression. It is our joy to fuel their fire.

Ease and Grace

Ease and Grace

We make things simple. Creators need do nothing and we'll leverage the amazing content they've already developed, expand their reach, and increase their revenue.



All of us count. We value all perspectives and voices. Whether you’re a team member or a creator, we want you to be seen and heard because your word matters.



With the proliferation of suspect content, the only way to know truth is to feel it. We curate content that is designed to make you feel better about yourself, the world, and your possibilities.



We view all our relationships as partnerships and are committed to seeing everyone succeed.



We are our word.



Thank you is our mantra.


"Those who tell the stories rule the world."
--Hopi American Indian proverb

Great influencers make us feel better about ourselves. They inspire us to be bigger, to expand, to explore, to play…to be more of who we were meant to be. Great influencers know that impact is bigger than likes and follows.

We are thankful for our community of aligned creators and grateful for the opportunity to champion their message to the masses.

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Pioneering post app-store games

We create engaging, frictionless, social games for ecosystems like Connected TV and Facebook Messenger. Because we know this space like no other, we have unique ways to engage viewers and generate new ad revenue with our proprietary tech for real time monetization and content synchronization.

With the largest library of content including the titles everyone knows and loves, you can play the world's greatest games on your TV.

More than 400 games for TV

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