We believe in amplifying the voices of creators that call us to play & be more of ourselves.

We provide

Management, Promotion, and Monetization

We choose creators that are aligned with our vision, people we want to make a stand for, and we put all our love and attention into getting them more visibility by leveraging the power of our network and our unique ability to distribute and monetize content.

What you get:

Your own channel with your own dedicated PlayWorks team.

New audience. Expanded reach. 200+M US.

New revenue streams. Higher eCPMs. (+$15 eCPM  10X higher than YouTube).

A hands-off, easy, risk free way to be on Connected TV that requires no work.

Ready to play?

Yes Please

Why us?

We've been in this space for a decade, we know the nuances, the tech and the players. Our scrappy and dedicated team will own making you a success.

We take on the heavy lifting. We build the channel, market it, and monetize it. All you need is your content and an appetite grow your audience.

Connected TV is where YouTube was 10 years ago. Eyeballs and ad spend are shifting here. Get first-mover advantage and stake your claim in your next CTV empire.

For creators that want to effortlessly grow their audience, PlayWorks is a media network for Connected TV that extends their reach and increases revenue.